WAYNE COUNTY – General Rules

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Stanton Automatics




  1. Teams that forfeit will be fined $20.00. Any forfeits during the last 5 weeks of play will be fined $25.00. These will be deducted at the end of the season from the team’s winnings.
  2. Dues must be paid to the machine before your games will begin. The machine will not start play until the dues are paid for both teams in full! Once the dues are paid the machine will allow you to set up the matches. Dues are $5.00 per person per night. This $5.00 does not include your cost for the matches.
  3. If any team drops out of the league or forfeits twice they will lose all monies paid.


  1. THE GAME IS 501, CRICKET, AND 701. Teams will consist of 2 players (men or women) a total of 9 games will be played each week according to the score sheet. ALL PLAYERS WILL PLAY IN THE 9TH GAME 701. GAMES 1-8 will be alternating games of 01 and CRICKET.
  2. Teams will get 1 point per win.
  3. All regular players must play a minimum of 3 matches for the same team to be eligible for the play-offs. MAKE SURE YOUR PLAYERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PLAY-OFFS.
  4. All players must be 21 years of age.
  5. GAME TIME IS 7:00 PM. Teams will have 15 minutes to show. At that time, the team enters their name into the machine and follows the instructions on the game for the forfeit. Forfeiture score is 9-0.
  6. In case of extenuating circumstances, games must be made up within 1 week. Captains are responsible to contact each other to schedule a make-up match and to notify Stanton Automatics of the make-up decision.
  7. Captains are responsible for their players during the match.
  8. Any dispute that can not be settled by the captains must be received by Stanton Automatics, 2150 Ellis Dr., Auburn, NY 13021 within 48 hours.
  9. Refer to Stanton Automatics dart league rules for any additional specific rules.
  10. All team members may discuss a shot once a player is at the foul line.



  1. Each team may have an unlimited amount of subs. YOU MUST USE THE SUB’S FULL NAME. NO NICKNAMES! If an error is made when putting in the name, contact Stanton Automatics to make the correction. This will allow verification of subs at the end of the season and for play- offs. Subs may not have a higher average than the highest player of your team. If you only use a nickname for a sub and there is a question regarding eligibility, the games they played in will be a loss.
  2. Any person signed up as a regular may not sub.
  3. Once you have subbed for a team you may only sub for teams from that bar.
  4. Subs must play 3 matches for the same team to be eligible for the play-offs.
  5. NO NEW SUBS may be brought in the last 5 weeks of the league.