Auburn 4 Person Monday Scores & Standings

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Monday Pool 2nd Half > Team Standings

as of 2024-02-20

Division A
1Sicz Outlaws656534
2Harley’s Kingsmen646494
3Sicz Tity Tity Bang Bang604616
4Swifty’s Orangemen582619
5Unc Retirees540643
6Harley’s Ace In The Hole536658
Division B
1Unc Tidalists674529
2Sicz Str8 Shooters636560
3Elks All Balls Matter618606
5Calimeri Cruisers595616
6Calimeri Post456720

Monday Pool 2nd Half > Last Match Results

Division A
Sicz Outlaws145Swifty’s Orangemen112
Unc Retirees134Harley’s Ace In The Hole109
Harley’s Kingsmen128Sicz Tity Tity Bang Bang103
Division B
O’Toole’s148Calimeri Post78
Calimeri Cruisers117Sicz Str8 Shooters125
Elks All Balls Matter123Unc Tidalists123