Auburn 4 Person Monday Scores & Standings

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Monday Pool 2nd Half > Team Standings


as of 2023-03-06

Division A
1Harleys Kingsmen912734
2Sicz Outlaws897781
3Swiftys Wrecking Crew867829
4Swiftys Orangemen810840
5UNC Tidalist797898
6Harleys Sticks747948
Division B
1Elks All Balls Matter936726
2Sicz Str8 Shooters920720
3UNC Retirees904733
4Calimeri Cruisers900752
5Harleys High Rollers864781
6Sicz Club Rockers824790

Monday Pool 2nd Half > Last Match Results

Division A
Sicz Outlaws100Harleys Kingsmen126
Harleys Sticks125UNC Tidalist123
Swiftys Wrecking Crew133Swiftys Orangemen108
Division B
UNC Retirees140OTooles90
Harleys High Rollers120Sicz Club Rockers123
Bye30Calimeri Cruisers150
Sicz Str8 Shooters130Elks All Balls Matter118