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1. Teams that forfeit will be fined $20.00. Any forfeits during the last 5 weeks of play will be fined $25.00. These will be deducted at the end of the season from the team’s winnings.

2. Dues must be paid to the machine before your game will begin. The machine will not start play until the dues are paid for both teams in full! Once the dues are paid the machine will allow you to set up the matches. $5.00 per person per night. 

 3. If any team drops out of the league they forfeit all money.



1. THE GAME IS 501, CRICKET, AND 701. Teams will consist of 4 players (men or women) a total of 13 games will be played each week. All players will pair-up and play 6 games each week according to the score sheet. ALL PLAYERS WILL PLAY IN THE 13TH GAME 701. Games 1 – 12 are alternating games of 01 and cricket. 

2. Teams will get 1 point per win.

3. All regular players must play 5 matches for the same team to be eligible for the play-offs.  MAKE SURE YOUR PLAYERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PLAY-OFFS.

4. All players must be 21 years of age.

5. GAME TIME IS 7:30 PM. Teams will have 15 minutes to show. At that time, the team that is present enters their name into the machine and follows the instructions on the game regarding forfeits. Forfeiture score is 13-0.

6. In case of extenuating circumstances, games must be made up within 1 week. Captains are responsible for contacting each other to schedule a make-up match and to notify Stanton Automatics of the make-up decision.

7. Captains are responsible for their players during the match.

8. Any dispute that can not be settled by the captains must be received by Stanton Automatics, 2150 Ellis Dr., Auburn, NY 13021 within 48 hours.

9. Refer to Stanton Automatics dart league rules for any additional specific rules.

10. All team members may discuss a shot once a player is at the foul line.  COACHING BY TEAM MEMBERS ONLY!

Subs  Read

1. Each team may have an unlimited amount of subs. You must use the sub’s full name. No nicknames! If an error is made when putting in the name, contact Stanton Automatics to make the correction. This will allow verification of subs at the end of the season and for play-offs.  If you only use a nickname for a sub and there is a question regarding eligibility, the games they played in will be a loss.

2.  In the event of absent team players, a sub may be taken from the bar on the night of league.  Once a player starts a match, he or she must finish the match, except in case if emergency.  Games may also be played with a missing player, the vacant slot being passed.

3.  Once you have subbed for a team you may only sub for teams from that bar.  Any person signed up as a regular may not sub.

4.  Subs must play 3 matches for the same team to be eligible for the play-offs. 

5.  NO NEW SUBS may be brought in the last 5 weeks of the league.

6.  No Harassment from players or spectators will be tolerated.  No foul or abusive language will be tolerated.

7.  Any physical violence, abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship or unethical conduct will be grounds for forfeiture of a game, a match and/or expulsion from the league.


Game Rules 

League Play

Stanton Automatics sponsors dart leagues playing on electronic dart boards in a Tavern setting. Leagues play cricket, “01”, and combinations of the two.

“01” games begin with 301, 501, or 701 with the player attempting to hit a combination of total points to bring the score down to zero. Players partner’s score must be equal to or less than the combined opponent’s score or a block occurs (Freeze Rule). An out while blocked results in loss of game. Most “01” games are played using a single bull where both the inside circle and the outside circle count as 50 points, the exception is for double in/double out games the outer circle is 25 points and the inner “double” bull is worth 50 points.

In the game of cricket the player/team attempts to close the 20s, 19s, 18s, 17s, 16s, 15s, and the bulls by hitting three of each. Points are obtained by hitting a number that is only closed by your team, when both teams have closed a number it will no longer score points. The first team to close all numbers and have more points is the winner. Cricket is always played using the double bull.

General Rules Of Play

1. Players stand at the “throw line”, 96 inches horizontally from the face of the dart board. It is legal to lean over the line. They may step on, but not across, the line.

2. Players may use their own darts if they meet the following specifications:

A. They must be plastic-tip darts.

B. Flights may be any length as long as they do not exceed 8″ in total length.

C. Flights may be no wider than 3/4″. As measured from shaft to flight edge, and may not have more than four wings.

D. Complete darts may not exceed 20 grams in weight.

3. Each player throws a maximum of three darts per turn. Darts must be thrown only when the machine instructs to “Throw Darts” and the proper player’s name is lit. A player will always be allowed to throw all three of their darts.

4. It is not required for a player to throw all three darts on every turn. A player may pass or throw fewer than three darts.

5. Any dart thrown counts as a throw, whether or not it is registered on the machine. A throw counts if is misses the board and bounces out, or it misses the board completely. A player may not throw any darts over again. Dropped darts may be thrown again.

6. Darts on the board may not be touched until the turn is over, the “Player Change” is activated, and the machine recognizes the end of the turn. Exception: When a dart is in the board and machine reads “Stuck Segment”, that dart must be removed before other darts are thrown.

7. A round is defined as the period of time from the end of a player’s turn to the start of their next turn. In a game that is played with two players sharing a score, a round is defined as the period of time from the end of a players turn to the start of their partner’s turn.

Scoring On The Electronic Dart Machine

1. The score recorded by the machine is the score that the player receives and the players accept that the machine is always right, with the following exceptions:

A. “Last Dart-Winning Dart” If the machine was displaying the “Throw Darts” message and all other rules were followed and the dart is sticking in the exact number needed to take out a game it will be scored.

2. A dart that sticks in the board and registers as a dart thrown but does not score will be corrected (the dart shows as “missed” or “blank”).

3. Any dart that registers two or more times will be corrected by removing the extra points awarded by using the back up button.

4. If a dart bounces it is considered a dart thrown even if it does not score. It may NOT be thrown again.

5. If a dart thrown before the “Throw Darts” message lights, the dart will not score and is considered a dart thrown. It may NOT be thrown again.

6. The CANCEL button is NOT a backup – Pushing it will end the match and team that cancelled will forfeit remaining games.

Player Correctable Features

It is each player’s responsibility to see that the machine is displaying the appropriate player’s name prior to throwing the darts. Play is stopped immediately when the infraction is noticed.

The backup feature may be used to correct the following player errors if agreed by BOTH captains and corrections should be made by OPPOSING team.

Shooting out of turn.

Wrong player shooting.

Manually scored darts.

Players not in compliance with the rules are said to have committed a foul. During league play there is no official to make foul calls. Since many foul calls are judgements, players should calmly discuss perceived infractions and attempt to resolve them. If unable to do so, play should continue and a complaint made to Stanton Automatics the NEXT day – no disagreement is worth fighting and it will not be tolerated.

Committing a foul may lead to loss of darts in hand; loss of a turn, loss if a game, loss of match, or expulsion from the tavern, the league, or any associated sponsored events. The decision is made by a league coordinator.

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