Syracuse Wednesday League Schedules

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Rosters turned in as of 9/26: Black & Brew Killers, Mullys Dublin Outers, Rocky’s Would Hit That, TRT Unusual Suspects, DD Darts and Drinks , Mully’s Dart Bags, Tanner Valley Tasty Bulls, FunGowies, Nibsy’s Wolf Pack, Coleman’s Happy Hour Hero’s, Asil’s Dart Diva’s, DD This Buds 4 You, TT Just The Tip , Don’t Change, Old Ledge Hit N Run, TT Here For The Beer, TT We Spoda Win, The Wood Peckers, The Wood Martinizzi’s, Asils Redux, Home Team Money shots, Wally’s Crew, CSP Shake N Bake, You Can Do It Old Ledge, Nibsys For Fun, TT Unfinished Business, Asil’s Full Of Bull, Nibsy’s Knuckleheads, Bosco’s Brew Crew, Crossroads Travelers, TT Franks Lil Beauties, TT Ends With UN, Rocky’s One Off, Bosco’s Elbowbenders, Trading Diamonds, Shooter McAvan’s, Rocky’s Terrible 4, Rocky’s Rambo