Syracuse Monday League Schedules

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Rosters turned in as of 9/28: McAvans Crowns, Thompson Road Tavern, Town Tavern Trips, Bunch-O-Drunks, Rocky’s Bulls For Dayz, Dirty Mike and the Boys, Asils Dartaholics, White Horses, Asil’s Durty Dartbags, Chadwicks Survivors, Repeat Offenders, My Asils Itchy,  Nibsy’s Bulls On Parade, Wild Horse, Da Degenerates, Swallows, My Bulls Are Rocky, Rock Harder, HTP Angry Shooters, Wild Horse Bulls on Parade, Coynes 2, Darts A Little Rocky’s, Rocky Shots, Old Ledge Falling Dartsmen, Rockys Meat Beaters, Dailey’s Stick Em Hard, TT Shhhiittttt, Burdicks 3 Arms, HTP Crawlers, Into The Gallows, TT Armed N Hammered,  Wild Horsemen, Jp’s Free Paper, Coynes 3, TT The Wolves, Old Ledge Razzle Dazzle, Blarnold Palmer, Rocky’s Bullwrinkles, Rocky’s Half Breeds, Coynes Sober Kids In India, Gathering The Grouches, McAvans Shooters, Tha Spot Darting Under The Influence