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Mitchell Pool Tourney 2019

2019 was an amazing turnout for the Mitchell Pool Tournament – Thank you everyone !  congrats to our winners:  A Division – Dave Ricci, B Division- Anthony Ciampi and the Womens Division – Brandy Larue!  Great fun had by all!!

Mitchell Pool Tournament 2018

Another successful Mitchell Memorial Pool tournament despite some tough winter weather…Thanks to everyone. 

Congrats to our winners:  A Division:  1st – Mark Hadley, 2nd – Felix Melendez.  B Division:  1st – Jason Rivera, 2nd – Dan Neal.  Women’s Division:  1st – Sallee Jefferds, 2nd – Linda Spier

Mitchell Pool Tourney 2017

Another great time at the T. Mitchell Pool Tournament.  Thank you to everyone and congratulations to all our winners.  A Division:  1st place – Felix Melendez, 2nd place – Lynn Stark.  B Division:  1st place – Shane Hackett, 2nd place – Gary Roe, Womens Division:  1st place – Brandy Lundy, 2nd place – Sarah Rooker.