Elmira Pool Wednesday Scores and Standings


Team Standings, sorted by Round Wins
wk 18
TeamRnd WinsGam WinsRnd Win %Tot RndsTot GamsTot Pts
Division: A
KAHUNAS 46718874.4902882449
DIXIE TIME BANDITS6518872.2902882441
HOMESTEAD I6518372.2902882417
BIG KAHUNAS6317970902882397
HOMESTEAD II5516861.1902882377
JAKES I5416960902882341
HARRYS 25215757.8902882303
ILL EAGLE CONVICTS4213346.7902882209
PICKING UP THE SPARE4114045.6902882222
DIRTY HARRYS3914043.3902882193
FERGIES I3813742.2902882163
KAHUNAS 3 OG H3811142.2902882226
SCREAMING EAGLES3512838.9902882199
HEIGHTS TAVERN3211135.6902882173
UKI BISCUITS3011833.3902882202
KAHUNAS 12910432.2902882156
THE THIRSTYS2210424.4902882076

as of 2020-03-11

Division A
1Kahunas 424472022
2Dixie Time Bandits24392156
4Homestead I Over The Line24152136
5Big Kahunas23962088
6Homestead II23752188
7Jakes I23402155
8Harrys 223022200
9Kahunas 3 OG & H22762380
12Dixie Picking Up The Spare22212294
13ILL Eagle Convicts22082288
14Ukranian Club Biscuits22012411
15Screaming Eagles21982307
16Dirty Harrys21922335
17Heights Tavern21612387
18Fergies I21602338
19Kahunas 121542421
20The Thirstys20442484

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as of 2020-03-11

Division A
Fergies124Jakes I110
Homestead I Over The Line135The Thirstys128
Big Kahunas118Kahunas 4122
J4F124Screaming Eagles125
Ukranian Club Biscuits114Harrys 2139
Dirty Harrys122Dixie Time Bandits137
ILL Eagle Convicts124Mimis108
Kahunas 3 OG & H118Kahunas 1123
Heights Tavern118Homestead II135
Dixie Picking Up The Spare126Fergies I131