Auburn Traveling Wednesday Pool Scores and Standings


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as of 2020-03-04

Division A
1Sicz Mayhem24741909
2Harleys Outlaws23932003
3Colonial Inn23562157
4Iona Corner Slammers23442190
5CC’s Bootyhunters23172127
6IC Rack n Balls23142270
7Harleys Sticks22392243
8O’Tooles Shamrocks21402367
9Harleys Up n Coming19352544
10Calimeri Post19022604

Auburn Traveling Wednesday > Last Match Results

Division A
Harleys Up n Coming95CC’s Bootyhunters133
Sicz Mayhem120Iona Corner Slammers108
IC Rack n Balls89Harleys Outlaws140
O’Tooles Shamrocks125Calimeri Post109
Harleys Sticks102Colonial Inn120