Auburn 4 Person Monday Scores & Standings

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as of 2020-02-24

Division A
1Run Like The Winded936679
2Belvs Outlaws857794
3O’Tooles Orangemen832823
4Harleys Kingsmen829801
5UNC Tidalist755909
6Sticks N A Chick745948
Division B
1Harleys Flying Eagles941773
3Sicz Str8 Shooters879830
4Harleys High Rollers860832
5UNC Retirees854865
6Sicz Rebels824899
7Swabys Just For Fun814886
8The Elks784928

Monday Pool 2nd Half > Last Match Results

Division A
Run Like The Winded127Harleys Kingsmen94
Sticks N A Chick132O’Tooles Orangemen124
UNC Tidalist106Belvs Outlaws142
Division B
Harleys Flying Eagles128Harleys High Rollers106
Swabys Just For Fun114The Elks134
O’Tooles140Sicz Rebels103
Sicz Str8 Shooters113UNC Retirees128