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Thursday Night Event Changes!

Stanton Automatics League Players.

“League Players Only Event” for Singles Cricket now has additional money added.  For the Open Division $2,000.00 prize money is being added to the payout.  The Women’s Division has $500.00 prize money being added to the payout.

NEW – “Thursday Night Thunder”

This event is for pros or any player that is willing to step up to the challenge of playing with the pros.  There will be additional money added in this event also.

Register for Thursday Night Thunder Now

The details of these payouts:

Open Divisions – 8pm start
4 divisions each paid by amounts below – 28 players/division

  • 1st          $300.
  • 2nd        $200.
  • 3rd         $150.
  • 4th         $100.
  • Tie 5th $50.
  • Tie 7th $25.

Womens Divisions – 8pm start
2 divisions each paid by amounts below – 12 – 16 players/division

  • 1st          $210.
  • 2nd        $110.
  • 3rd         $80.
  • 4th         $50.
  • Tie 5th $25.

“Thursday Night Thunder” – 8pm start
Pro Cricket Singles $20/player
*Open To Any Player (Not Only Pros)

Payout Based On 32 players!

  • 1st          $420.
  • 2nd        $300.
  • 3rd         $160.
  • 4th         $80.
  • Tie 5th $20.